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Hi everyone, First of all, we would like to thank you for all of your support, we have really appreciated it and hope to have you all back riding with us soon. Sadly, due to the virus that is currently gaining momentum around us and on the advice of our Prime Minister and as recommended by the BHS we have taken the difficult decision to close temporarily. Please keep an eye on the website and social media and we will update it with any changes and posts about the horses too! We will continue to monitor the situation and hope to see you all again

Following the latest statement release this evening, the Prime Minister and associates are still maintaining at the moment that being outside is still beneficial for mental health and well being.  For the time being, we will be remaining open, until instructed otherwise.  But as said by the Prime Minister, social distancing is absolutely crucial aswell as washing hands. We ask on arriving at the yard that you follow the guidelines we have already put into place.  Wash your hands immediately on arriving at the yard.  Wear gloves the entire time you are here. Please respect the 2m distance If a member of your family have symptoms of Covid-19 please

We are working hard behind the scenes to create a look look for our website. We are using a Wordpress instance for the building blogs and hope it looks good to everyone. If something isn't working properly please get in touch and we'll see if we can fix it right away. The reason for the update is that in the back end there is an online booking system being built. So that you guys can book in very easily and effectively. You can always get in touch via email or phone if you get stuck but hopefully all you'll need to do