FAQ Page

Do you have hats?

Yes, we have a wide range of hats which meet BHS safety standards.

Please add this as hat hire to your booking if required.

Have you got boots?

No we do not due to hygene. Any boots with a heal are best, welly’s at a pinch.

What should I wear?

Jeans or sturdy trousers, wrapped smoothly and tightly around lower legs with long, thick socks (football/walking socks are ideal) pulled up over them.


NOT trainers, leggings or shorts.

Gloves and coat if its cold or wet.


Do you still go out if the weather is bad?

Yes, we ride whatever the weather. 

If conditions prove to be too hazardous to undertake the activity we can offer stable management sessions as an alternative or credit your account for you to use at a future date. No formal refund will be issued.

We understand that if you are bringing very young children or elderly riders you may wish to cancel. If this is the case please speak to us as we may be able to offer an alternative date but this cannot be guaranteed.


Are you easy to find?

If you follow our written directions it is straightforward.


Do you have a sand school?

Yes, we have an outdoor school with floodlights for winter evening lessons.

Do I need to have an assessment lesson?

No, but it is advisable to do so to get to know us and the horses.

Do I need to tack up my horse?

No, we will tack up the horse ready for your session.

Ive never ridden before, but would like to go on a forest ride. Is that possible?

Yes, we provide exclusive, private rides for all customers if required.

Beginners are taken out with an instructor who will teach them the basics to ensure a safe, enjoyable ride taking in the beautiful scenery of the Ashdown Forest.

My children would like to ride on the forest but have never ridden before.

Book a private ride and we can put young children on the lead rein and older children can be helped to ride independently. With larger groups you may have an instructor and an escort.

Im a very experienced rider, will a forest ride be suitable?

All group rides require customers to be able to keep up with longer canters in open spaces. We have many regular customers on these rides which you are able to join.

You could also choose a private ride with just you and an instructor.

Im a rider but a little nervous about joining a group.

A private ride would be suitable, just you and your instructor. This will help you get to know your horse and your instructor can advise if you would be able to join group rides in the future.


Where do I park?

There are a small number of spaces outside the gate, if these are full please drive in and park by the sand school.

Please DO NOT park on the forest, in muddy areas or in the ditch.

Driving down the track.

Please use passing places to pass other traffic, other areas are not suitable due to ditches.

Please be considerate to walkers and other track users and be aware that people, dogs and horses may cross the track at various points.

What time do I need to arrive?

Please allow ten minutes to drive down the track and arrive ten minutes before your ride or lesson.


How can I pay?

All bookings are payable at time of booking. Please see a link to our booking system below.


Birthday Parties

We host birthday parties for 2 or more children for £20 a head. They will spend half an hour learning to groom and tack up their pony. They can then choose either a half an hour sand school lesson or a half an hour forest ride.

Pony Mornings

We have regular pony mornings every school holidays.

9:30 Arrive, find out which pony you are riding, groom and tack up.

10:00 Group lesson in the sand school.

10:30 Ride out on the forest. (Instructors will lead younger children; more experienced riders can have a faster ride with an escort.)

11:00 Snack time. (Bring a drink and a snack.) Chat with old and new friends.

11:15 Learn how to look after a pony. (Jobs vary and we choose jobs suitable for the age and ability of the children.)

12:00 Home Time

Bring suitable clothing for the weather. (You will get dirty!)

Bring a drink and snack.

Prepare to have lots of fun.


If you want to ride regularly and have time to commit to helping out; loaning might be for you.

You can part loan a particular horse or take a general loan and ride different horses to gain experience.

You can take part in group lessons and rides and there are opportunities to go to competitions.

Please ask for further details.

Working for us

Can I help out?

There are opportunities to help out on weekdays and at weekends in return for a group ride or lesson.

Sometimes there are paid jobs too. (Low wages but plenty of riding and learning opportunities.) These would be suitable for older teenagers or adults wanting to work in the industry.

Cancellation Policy

What is your cancellation policy?

Please note that we have a 48 hour cancellation policy or the full value of the experience is chargable.

Bookings can be changed or cancelled up to 48 hours prior to the start time and date of the booking online or using the app.

Any cancellations will be refunded as credit to your account for use at a future date. No formal refund will be issued.