Riding lessons

Riding Lessons

Whatever the reason you are coming to us for horse riding lessons, we’ve got the perfect and safe environment for you to learn in.

We have chosen our horses and ponies carefully for their quiet  temperaments and their experience in developing the skills of junior riders. Our fully trained instructors ensure that children and adults alike are encouraged to acquire new riding skills, paying particular attention to safety, whilst maintaining an element of fun, in order to build confidence.

We offer riding tuition catering for all standards, from absolute beginners to advanced riders including side saddle lessons. 

Riders of all ages (from 4 years upwards) and abilities are welcome to come and enjoy our lessons and, if appropriate and when they are ready, our fabulous hacks on Ashdown Forest. 

If you’ve never ridden before then we’ll start off very slowly and take you step by step through the basics. Our aim is to give you the very best introduction to riding guaranteeing your progress is safe and positive.

As with anything, your progress will be far quicker if the fundamentals are well rooted and that is our ultimate aim. Once we’ve taught you the basics of horse control, handling, sensitivity and basic gaits we’re ready to push a bit quicker and focus on the key areas.

We have experienced and professional riding instructors and our main priorities are your enjoyment and safety as well as the achievement of your riding ambitions. 

Lesson Type


Private 30 Mins or Assessment Lesson


Semi-Private 30 Mins


Private 45 Mins


Semi-Private 45 Mins


Group 45 Mins


Private 1 Hour


Semi-Private 1 Hour


Group 1 Hour


Lunge Lesson 


Side saddle Lesson